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Three Sisters Care on the Radio! Caring in the New Old Age

Tonight at 8.30pm, Radio 4’s Analysis programme will be discussing ‘Caring in the New Old Age’. I’m one of the contributors, talking about how Three Sisters Care is trying to build a different, more ethical model of care provision for older people. You can listen to the programme on the radio or online: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b055g1jv

Three Sisters Care - Apr13

I’m a bit nervous…I don’t know how they would have edited me, so here’s hoping I make sense and that I don’t show up all the new care companies and social enterprises who are doing their best to transform quality of care and treatment of care workers. If I’m any good, tell me; if I’m terrible, let’s pretend it never happened… 😉


Radio 4, Monday 16th March, 8.30pm – Caring in the New Old Age

Is it time to rethink how we care for older people, to enable them to have fulfilling lives?
In recent years the media has highlighted terrible cases of paid carers abusing and neglecting vulnerable, older people. Is it now time for a more fundamental re-examination of how society should care for older people? Much is made of the poor status, low wages and lack of training of workers in the care system. Why are older people entrusted to them in a way which we would never allow for children? Should we tackle the view that old age is simply a period of decline that has to be managed rather than an opportunity for a fulfilling final chapter of life? Sonia Sodha examines new thinking from Japan, the US and closer to home about how care might be done differently. And she considers whether we need to change our approach to how we look after the elders in our society.

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