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2m elderly will have no adult child to provide care by 2030

66259-425x283-Woman_and_sonWow. 2 million of us without carers! When I started this enterprise I knew that we were an ageing population and there’d be a lot of need for care in the future. But I hadn’t considered that there’d be so many childless people, which basically DOUBLES the number of people who will need paid care workers.

“By 2030, 230,000 people who need more than 20 hours of care a week will not have a relative to provide it, the think tank said.”

This is an IPPR report, so it’s solid evidence that our society, culture and especially government needs to start supporting care agencies and offering much better individual training and organisational opportunities if we are to meet this massive challenge. And don’t forget, when we talk about older people in the future, it’s not a report about some vague ‘other’, this time, we are talking about ourselves!

Three Sisters Care has been a proponent of “neighbourhood networks” that can support older people who don’t have family. Perhaps a job for ahem…empathic urbanites…? In fact I delivered two Dementia Talks just today in my community, a way for us to make our community healthier and happier. Imagine how happy I was myself to see that neighbourhood networks are exactly what the IPPR proposes as a way to tackle this issue. On the pulse again, Three Sisters Care!! Let’s show that genuine social enterprises can exist and flourish in the care sector.

A very short article is below.

2m elderly will have no adult child to provide care by 2030 | News | Inside Housing.

You can also download the full report from the IPPR website here too;


2 comments on “2m elderly will have no adult child to provide care by 2030

  1. Janice Flahiff
    May 2, 2014
  2. Janice Flahiff
    May 2, 2014

    I’m one of them (now 59 years “young”). This is a reminder to start planning, although one can never accurately predict the future. It is all about personal responsibility and tapping into resources.
    For now, I volunteer at a local Area Office on Aging. It is most rewarding to counsel folks on Medicare and Part D options. And to refer them to area resources through our resource center. Everything from food to housing to utility assistance to healthcare and more. Our Area Office on Aging resource center is staffed by 6 folks with Master’s degrees in Social Work. The clients and I rely on them heavily!

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