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Talk about Dementia in Sylheti

project_mina_tempThree Sisters Care is giving a talk tomorrow about Dementia in Sylheti at the Whitechapel Idea Store Over 50s Open Day. My eldest sister Rahena has been working with dementia patients for almost 20 years. In Bangladeshi households she still comes across superstitions about the illness, which is often not even recognised as an illness, but as a madness and sometimes as spirit possession. This is really important for social care and home care because without recognition or diagnosis, we can’t be certain we are actually meeting the needs of the older person or going by what a relative might be saying.  I met with Alli Anthony from the Alzheimers Society last week and they are also keen to spread knowledge in Sylheti so we invited them to join us tomorrow. Mohammed Muhith from the Alzheimers Society, a Bangla speaker, will also be present. The talk is at 1pm, so please come along and please spread the word to anyone you know who might benefit.

Over 50s, Open Day, Whitechapel Idea Store, 321 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1BU

I’m also linking this interesting article I found on dementia:

A glimmer of hope for dementia sufferers – Telegraph.

Please see this study by New Dynamic of Ageing on dementia amongst Bangladeshi women:


And here’s the Alzheimer’s Society page for background of dementia:


One comment on “Talk about Dementia in Sylheti

    June 27, 2013

    Hi Empathic Urbanite,

    Its great to read your blog. I would like to share our PhD research study about “Understanding dementia among UK Bangladeshi” in your page please. University of Portsmouth and the University of Worcester are jointly conducting this research. Please see the link


    Thank you! I look forward to hear you from. My contact details on the above page. I would be grateful if you please share your interests about dementia and Bangladesh with us. Many thanks!

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