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Back to square one…

Argh! Our Registered Manager just told me, that she won’t be taking up her position with us as her current employer offered her more money to keep her – thanks Joanne for costing us what will amount to about £10Ks worth of wasted money on overheads and recruitments costs. Not to mention a year’s work; this is not only a lost year for the new company, but a lost year in my personal life – I had plans for my own economic and personal milestones, obviously, like people do. I’m sure my sisters did too. But Joanne decided two or three grand was worth more to her than consideration of all our efforts over the last year. We waited 6 months for her CRB when we could have just employed someone else. And on top of letting us down so calamitously, she told me by email the day before our CQC assessment. The day before we might have got our license to trade. She didn’t even call to ask whether we could increase her pay, she just emailed to say she won’t be joining us.

So much for the integrity of social care professionals. This takes the biscuit for the most shocking, selfish, cowardly behaviour I’ve come across. We’re lucky she showed her true colours now rather than after we started working with her.

OK, I’ve definitely been kicked in the face, but I’m getting up and starting again. Need to find another £10K and for the time being… a job 😦

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