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CQC application submitted at last!

Today is the 3rd February 2012 – this will be a significant date I’ll be thinking on for the next few weeks, if not months. I sent off the CQC application at last, after a whole year of planning and preparation. It was one of those rare moments, you know the one, where you actually feel nervous clicking the send button. But I did it and swiftly moved on to writing an email so I didn’t have to reflect on the momentousness of the email I’d just sent.

We’ll know in a week whether they have everything they need, if I missed out any documents or references. And it should take eight weeks for us to get a decision on whether we’ll be granted a license to trade as a social care provider. So, eight weeks basically, to get our heads down, buy the software, build the website, buy some computers, start marketing, get training for the office staff, get the office online, assemble the board, engage some care workers, buy their uniforms, visit as many referrers in Tower Hamlets as we can and be ready to go, to serve, on Day 1 of the license being granted.

We’ll be spending about £10,000 in the next eight weeks. And if the CQC come back and say that we cannot have a license, well, that’s exactly why I didn’t really want to reflect on what actually sending off this application means. Risk and reward baby, risk and reward. Sometimes you’ve just got to trust yourself and leap.

One comment on “CQC application submitted at last!

  1. Elijah Zach
    February 4, 2012

    I agree with your details , wonderful post.

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